Spice up breakfast with Sofra’s Albanian sausage

MIDDLETON — How do you decide where to go out for breakfast? The sweet-versus-savory debate is highly relevant. If cheese, potatoes and hot sauce get your heart racing more than whipped cream and maple syrup, you don't want a pancake house. You want a place that knows its way around a scramble, where meat and vegetables and spices are the stock in trade. Sofra, a family-owned restaurant with a Balkan flavor, should be at the top of your list.

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Summer Grilling with Artisan Sausage

Lumani’s Sausages

Crafted from an old-world family recipe, the Lumani’s are now bringing their handmade artisan lamb and beef sausages to your home grill. Handmade by the same culinary creative behind Villa Dolce Café and Sofra Bistro in Middleton. Now available for purchase at Sofra: 7457 Elmwood Ave., Middleton. 608.836.6614 www.lumanissausage.com Lumani's Sausages


Global Eats at Sofra Family Bistro


The local diner has long been a gathering place for breakfasts with friends, lunches with coworkers and quick dinners with family. And Sofra Family Bistro is like a diner, only better: no lunch-counter barstools, frenetic pace or waitresses named “Flo” work here—only a warm, comfortable ambience and good food are available.
Formerly the Bavaria Family Restaurant, owners and brothers Faton and Gjyner Lumani renamed

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Reservation Policy

As summer has arrived, our reservation policy has changed


  • Reservations of 8 or more only on Sunday Mornings
  • Reservations must be made 24 hours in advanced
  • No call-aheads will be accepted
  • Table must wait to be seated until everyone has arrived
Thank You,
Sofra Management



A taste of Albania

If you have a passion for food and an eagerness to explore different eating establishments, there is a place in Middleton for you to enjoy. It involves an Albanian family from Macedonia whose Grandpa Istref Lumani arrived in ...