Welcome to Sofra

Sofra, which means family table in Albanian, is the perfect location for any meal! The Lumani family once owned Bavaria Family Restaurant and after 19 years decided to change the name, menu and concept of their restaurant; along came Sofra! At Sofra, you will find authentic, homemade Albanian sausages served with eggs for breakfast, in a burger form for lunch and along side Albanian entrées for dinner. These sausages are a mixture of lamb and beef with various spices and herbs that are made in the traditional Albanian way, they have been featured at Taste of Madison for the fourth year in a row in the form of a mini burger! You may also request to try our gluten free version of the Albanian sausage. While you are dining with us, enjoy a cup of our very own blend of Turkish coffee, a shot of traditional Albanian raki or any other refreshing beverage while you are here.


Sofra serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our homemade, fresh, authentic Albanian-American cuisine awaits you!


25th Anniversary

This year we're celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

We changed our name from Bavaria to Sofra a few years back with an updated menu, but we still have the same loving owners, staff & customers!

Cheers to many more years of us in the Middleton community!


Anniversary Drink Specials

Bringing it back to our roots in the Balkans, our special is the Balkan Beauty.

A mixture of Acai Vodka, Poma Liqueur & Borovnica Juice! (Balkan Blackberry Juice)

Mixed drinks not your thing? Enjoy a shot of traditional Zholta Raki or a cup of our Turkish Coffee!